The Philippines, also known as the Pearl of the Orient Seas, is a country located in Southeast Asia. It is a remarkable tourist destination. Millions of travelers go to this nation every year, and some of them even decided to call it home finally. People popularly get a glimpse of the said country from its amazing actors who star in amazing films and soap operas. The culture that they showcase is so endearing, and getting a chance to visit this place for a vacation seems like a dream come true.

With the many islands in the Philippines, you can begin to feel why your visit there will be exceptional. If you are among those asking why to visit the country, here are reasons why you should:

Amazing Beaches

The Philippines has more than 7000 islands, and there is a beach in almost every one of them. If you love the beach, you will be spoilt with the full range of choices available. You can start from Palawan to Puerto Galera to Nacpan beaches and make your way to other exciting shores. The blue water and the white sands will astound you. Nacpan was recently recognized by CNN as the best beach in the world, the more reason why you should check it out.

clear water

The Filipinos

Their culture portrays them as polite and welcoming people. They are well-known to be very hospitable and hard working. They go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable and at ease during your stay. You will get the best hospitality from the locals; from polite conversations to aiding you with your luggage.

If you are a sucker for photos, be sure to capture many pictures as possible with the locals. You are likely to make emotional connections with the locals if you like associating with people. This includes the children as well.


chocolate hillsAdventurous places attract many people, and the Philippines is such a place. From lagoons in the lakes, many volcanoes to an opportunity to swim with whale sharks, will keep you excited. You will also be able to see the smallest primates in the world on the Bohol Island; the species called the Tarsier. A chance to see amazing landscapes like Chocolate hills, which is a sight of numerous hills, spread around.

If you love diving, you should definitely visit the Philippines because it has the best diving spots in the world, most of which you will find in Malapascua Island. You can also visit the town of El Nido to view amazing beaches, limestone mountains, and tropical islands. In addition, you can visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of The Rice Terraces in Banaue and Batad as well as the Tappiyah waterfall.


The Philippines is an ideal tourist destination with many reviews showing that people have a great time vacationing there. This is a place where you can relax and mingle with locals who are very friendly. Enjoy your stay without wondering what to do next due to the many existing adventure opportunities. So if you are wondering where to go next, you should consider visiting the Philippines.