Have You Scheduled Your Time Off Yet?

When it comes to business, entrepreneurs are faced with a lot of choices. While many of those are tough, some are incredibly easy. For example, if we told you that you could avoid burnout and boost your creativity by doing one thing… would you do it? If not, what’s holding you back?

That one thing, of course, is taking time off. Whether it’s a lunch with your kids, an afternoon off, a weekend at the shore or a gallivant around the world, making time for yourself and your loved ones – without your work email, without calls every hour, without stressing about the business – is absolutely essential for you, your business and your employees. Taking time off can help you avoid burnout, boost your creativity, force you create systems, encourage you to trust your managers and teach you how to clock out.

Now we’re not saying you

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Top 5 Tools to Manage Business Travel In 2023

Well, the tide is beginning to turn because companies are sending their staff back on the road again. However, because of some travel restrictions still going on, business traveling is a bit difficult to manage because of continuous uncertainties that arise. 

Don’t worry though, modern technology is beginning to do things better than we are doing them. And for that exact reason, we are turning to the best travel management tools that will further assist us in managing our travel bookings. 

Without wasting more time, let’s dive right in and find out the top 5 tools to use for business travel in 2023! 

What makes a great travel management tool? 

An excellent travel management tool makes your travel bookings much easier, ensures faster budget planning, and even has another plan when a specific method isn’t working for you. After careful considerations and research, we came up with five excellent business

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Summer Challenge: Put Your Phone Down

Our last blog talked about the importance of taking time away from your business, but it glossed over something we all struggle with on vacations – putting your phone down. It’s not about playing a round of Wordle or taking photos of your kids at the beach, but when you pick up your phone to do those things, checking your work emails or texts are just a quick click away. You know you do it – our fingers are almost programmed to open those other apps, even when we don’t really want to.

So that brings us to the title of this blog. We have a quest for you. If you can’t avoid opening your work emails or checking those texts when you pick up your phone, then it’s time to turn off the notifications on those apps, move them off your home screen or keep your phone in your

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Quiet Quitting: Bad Employees or Bad Bosses?

“Quiet quitting” isn’t something new, but rather a mindset of whether or not a work environment is a place where an employee is willing to “go the extra mile.” In an age where inflation and cost of living increases are high, but the wage increase to compensate for that is low, expecting staff to stay later, work harder, and miss out on life to help the company reach their goals cannot be bought with the promise of pizza or donuts in the breakroom. What we are seeing is employees “acting their wage”. But what does this really mean, and how is it affecting the workplace?

The term “quiet quitting” is typically less about someone’s ability or willingness to put the work in, and more about a supervisor or manager’s willingness and ability to build relationships with their employees. If a manager invests in their employees, where they feel valued and

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Investing in Employees by Giving Them Time

Whether you own a small marketing firm or a multi-million dollar logistics company, the success of your business depends heavily on your ability to attract and retain great employees. Having a creative, innovative, committed team is absolutely vital, especially in a rapidly changing world with a workforce that’s overworked, underpaid and personally exhausted.

But while some companies are turning to traditional benefits like better retirement matches or vacation days to get better employees in the door, many are forgetting that running a people-focused business requires happy, satisfied and motivated employees. Employees who are there for more than a paycheck. Employees who enjoy what they do and feel rewarded and appreciated.

That requires an investment in your people beyond an annual pay raise. It requires an innovative approach to helping your employees grow as employees, professionals and individuals. Depending on your individual business and the people who work for you, the

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