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Do This to be more efficient, make your team happier, and improve your results 

by ActionCoach Shaun Shoenmaker 

I was volunteering at St. Philips Community Center and School when I noticed something they were doing that is beneficial in many ways for small business. There were a bunch of us there giving our time towards packing up about 50,000 meals for hungry children around Dallas. We did this by forming an assembly line that separated and assigned different tasks to different people.  We had some folks putting ingredients into packages, some would weigh the packages, some would seal the packages, and finally others would box the packages. There were some adjustments that had to make along the process to get the food packages correct and ready for delivery.  For example, when the people weighing the packages had a package that was too heavy, they had to correct the amount

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Make Time for Gratitude | ActionCOACH


Make Time for Gratitude 

by ActionCoach PJ Weiland 

“Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude 

for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.” — Zig Ziglar 

Why Is Gratitude Important? 

Studies show there are many benefits to acknowledging our blessings and expressing gratitude to others. Here are just a few: 

  • Shields you from negativity 
  • Giving thanks can make you at least 25% happier 
  • Rewires our brain to see gratitude 
  • Eliminates stress 
  • Heals our sense of being injured 
  • Improves sleep quality 
  • Boosts your self-esteem 
  • Enhances the law of attraction: we are naturally attracted to those who show kindness. 
  • Improves your relationships with others at work and in your personal life 
  • Saying thank you motivates others to perform better 

Ways to Cultivate Gratitude 

You can practice gratitude in your daily life in so many ways. Test one

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Worldwide Business

International Business NewsFinancial Fee for Africa – ECA research focus areas include gender equality, agricultural productiveness, data technology, social coverage, and environmental concerns.

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According to long-time friend David Crosby, Joni is now being cared for at house and is recovering, though the extent of her eventual restoration is yet to be seen. Those of us who love her are hopeful that the strength and braveness she has all the time proven throughout her life will help her make as full a restoration as is feasible beneath the circumstances.

Our MSc will allow you to to understand the dynamism of individual nations and rising economies, …

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Conscious Company Magazine

Actually, for 2008 and 2009, the years when businessmen are largely cautious because of the continued monetary crisis, enterprise specialists have been advising would-be businessmen and entrepreneurs to enter franchising.

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Hi Ed ! It is a great article ! Lots of the information are true. I’m leaving and dealing in Thailand for three years and I’m pondering to open my very own business now. In fact in the beginning I might stil proceed work for other company …

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