Top 5 Tools to Manage Business Travel In 2023

Well, the tide is beginning to turn because companies are sending their staff back on the road again. However, because of some travel restrictions still going on, business traveling is a bit difficult to manage because of continuous uncertainties that arise. 

Don’t worry though, modern technology is beginning to do things better than we are doing them. And for that exact reason, we are turning to the best travel management tools that will further assist us in managing our travel bookings. 

Without wasting more time, let’s dive right in and find out the top 5 tools to use for business travel in 2023! 

What makes a great travel management tool? 

An excellent travel management tool makes your travel bookings much easier, ensures faster budget planning, and even has another plan when a specific method isn’t working for you. After careful considerations and research, we came up with five excellent business travel tools you can use in 2023. 


The top 5 tools you can use to manage business traveling in 2023 

  1. TravelPerk

TravelPerk is one of the most effective business travel management tools you can use for ensuring a great business trip. The tool itself is designed to make corporate traveling faster and secure, along with a fairly smooth experience. 

TravelPerk has a large inventory, which allows employees and managers to book trips on their own, saving lots of time and energy. Additionally, it helps you ensure you are in line with its travel policies when booking business trips. 

Let’s not also forget that TravelPerk is great in assisting you with budgets and finances regarding traveling. Finance teams are provided with the necessary financial information regarding expenses to be made during business trips, reporting features that make business traveling more effortless than ever to manage. 

Travel Perk is a top-rated tool with a 4.6 out of 5-star rating on G2, with over 1,000 user reviews! Moreover, it even offers a free option when you use their tools, so you can get top-quality without having to pay for anything. However, when you choose to go with their premium plan, you will be paying $15 per trip and $25 per trip with their pro plan. 

Key features include:

  • Automatic travel policies are set
  • Access to a massive inventory of hotels, flights, and even rented cars
  • Reporting metrics
  • Tracking of expenses
  1. Paramount Workplace 

Paramount workplace is a fully integrated business travel tool that simplifies the entire process of corporate traveling altogether and seeks to solve ongoing issues that arise. 

The travel management tool offers an expense and travel solution for all employees with their smart booking engine that sets up traveling based on your policy. The smart booking engine is able to integrate corporate travel policy, authorization requirements before traveling, negotiated airline, the best hotel & car rental offers, and more; all into one booking path that syncs all travel data in your expense report.  

In short, this becomes easy for the traveler because the smart booking engine will sync all digitally captured receipts linked with the expense report. Since there is OCR technology, it can quickly identify the required information associated with receipt processing. 

Let’s not forget that approval requests can be sent by email for instant approval. Also, you get many reliable insights regarding your expenses with assistance from reporting metrics. 

Key features include: 

  • Automatic travel planning
  • Automatic generation of the expense report 
  • A quick insight into KPI’s, budgets, and metrics

Overall, Paramount Workplace offers a demo version to try out its travel management tool, but you will need to contact them on their website regarding prices. 

  1. TravelBank

TravelBank is a centralized tool that allows every team member to book their trips in one place. 

With TravelBank, you can search, track, and book trips; which means you are giving your team members an all-in-one place for booking and paying. This is a massive benefit for them as they don’t have to do this separately. 

Regarding expense reports, users can screenshot their flight receipts or ground transport, where charges will be placed on the company’s card. 

There’s also one more exciting feature associated with TravelBank: travelers’ ability to reward through the platform. For example, a standard reward is usually a discount. In contrast, these discounts may financially benefit the company since it minimizes some of their overall expenses when sending out their team for business traveling. 

Key features include:

  • Booking all trips into one 
  • Flight receipt screenshots that are sent directly to the company’s card
  • Financial discounts

Pricing with TravelBank begins at $8 per month with their basic plan, but you can also choose their custom plan, which will charge you based on usage. Although the custom plan is probably the best one to go with since it offers unlimited travel and expenses, costs are reduced by up to 30% compared to other plans

  1. Flightslogic

Flightslogic provides a customizable hotel and flight booking engine that automates the business traveling procedure. Necessary data is bought together regarding travel expenses and allows travel managers to manage the traveling activities of the company’s employees effectively and quickly. 

Flightslogic helps in flight and hotel reservations, where it manages travel schedules of team members and ensures they have the necessary documents required for business trips. In short, the platform is excellent for setting up a customizable plan and allows small travel agencies to profit in their industry. 

Key features include: 

  • A large inventory of hotels, car rentals, and flights across the globe 
  • An uncomplicated travel schedule management along with hotel and flight reservations 
  • A travel policy that meets requirements 

Pricing with Flightslogic varies, and here, you will need to contact them to find out what kind of price they will offer you. Although, whichever price you will be paying, the benefits will be worth paying for. 

  1. TripActions 

TripActions is the complete business travel management tool you need. Overall, it delivers a personalized experience compared to the many other tools listed and provides you with all the necessary tools you need to manage your corporate traveling. TripActions has even been claimed to be trusted by over 5,000 companies, which they include on their website. 

You are provided with access to data that assists travel managers in finding the best offers in the market in order to control their travel expenses. TripActions uses machine learning to understand all of your booking preferences and recommend the necessary plans you should use to fulfill your choices. 

Moreover, you have both a desktop and mobile version which you can use. The tool is quite advanced in controlling your expenses and maintaining the quality of business trips. 

Key features include: 

  • Machine learning
  • Data-driven expense and travel management 
  • Automatic travel policies are set 

Overall, the tool is easy to use and has enough smart features to simplify travel and expense management for the entire company. If you are thinking about saving lots of time, then TripActions might just be the right choice for you. 

TripActions doesn’t state any pricing on their website, but they do display the plans they offer and what you will get from them. In order to find out how much they charge, you would need to schedule a demo with one of their paid plans and find out on their website. 


Wrapping everything up on business travel

Well, that is about it for this article. We hope you have made up your mind about what may work for you and which business traveling tool best fits your needs. A business travel tool is precisely what helps your team members find the best deals for their accommodations and flights. 

Also, they are essential if you want to capture receipts and convert them to your expense reports which will reimburse costs for your team members. The bottom line is that you always have to find a business travel management tool that will be profitable for your business and help you save in the long run. Especially with the start of the pandemic, uncertainty is at its highest level.  

Take your time, go through each of the five travel management tools and see which is the most profitable for your business in the long run. All of them were carefully researched by our team and had great overall reviews by many users. Now, it is all up to you to see what better fits your business! 


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